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Once completed, a building comes to life thanks to visitors and office occupants. The effective corporate activity is linked to the comfort of working environment, which directly depends on the building maintenance and management.

Our Mission

Management of the buildings in owner’s interest:

• Preserve property value over the time


• Optimize routine operating costs of the building

• Create and implement a system of measures (standards) for professional management of the property

• To gain time for owners in favour of their business

• Assist the owners in leasing their property

• Achieve the highest standards of service for commercial, office and logistic buildings

Management of the buildings in  user’s interest:

• Preserve, complement and maintain the comfort of the working environment

• Ensure technical conditioning of the building equipment and installations.

• Ensure cleanliness, security, safety and well-maintained green areas

• Optimize the reception, catering and recreational operations in the building

Our Vision

• We do not just maintain the buildings, we complexly manage them, in compliance with the European standards.

• We dutifully respond to the needs and demands of the building users


• Results of our professional service helps the occupants of the building to maintain their prestigious image and high self-esteem.

Business Ethics

Our work is governed by several basic principles:

• Transparency: We adhere to the principle of providing timely and impartial information to our customers.

• Culture of Communication: We employ openness, integrity and constructiveness in communication with our clients; we work with them to find solutions.

• High professional standards: Our staff is highly trained and personally liable for the quality of their work.

We offer high quality product and seek to promote our identity of professional, honest and reliable partner, who employs high responsibility and is always supporting his clients.

To this endeavor we created a company for building maintenance and management FM Europe.


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