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K&K Engineering Ltd. is among the 5 largest and most effective project management companies on the Bulgarian market in the field of construction and real estate. Our experience includes a number of projects of large-chain stores, multifunction and logistics centers, administrative buildings, etc. Our clients are investors from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Bulgaria.


Since 1995 our team has realized more than 85 sites with a total area of more than 320 000 sq m, among them:

TechnoMarket (37), BILLA (2), Praktiker (1), bauMax (1), beauty zone (4), Domo (4), BTK – BTC Call centers (3), Trade Center Europe (15), Mercator/RODA (1), Public (1), Sofia Outlet Center.



We are specialized in the management of project, which impress with the complex requirements and intricacy, as well as with their scale.


At the core of our company policy lie the following principles:




Prompt and Adequate Decision Making


As our customer you will cash in on the company's compact structure, providing for a direct involvement of K&K management in your project. This means quick decision making and easy access to expertise of construction theory and practice.




Preserving our Image of Respectable Contractors


Even in tough times we observe our high quality standards. We have always kept our deadline commitments, dependent on construction management. Our price includes our ability to keep the highest quality standards, optimizing the details. Our team protects you from high unforeseen costs to ensure certainty in the total amount of the investment.



Through history, to current and future projects and continuous improvement


A large percentage of our sites are operated by companies, related to us, or by our company. This gives us feedback on the long-term behavior of the buildings and of the issues they might experience. Thus we are able to prevent subsequent inconsistencies and potential future performance problems.



Conversion of each customer task into our objective


Aims and objectives of each investor are strictly individual. Hence we never apply mechanically the standard practice, but seek the most adequate and effective technical solutions for this very site. Our first step is in-depth reconsideration of the awarded project and only after thorough discussion we offer optimal solutions.



Working with proven performers


Each awarded project requires specific training of the teams working on it. This is why in our long practice we have surrounded us by proven partners, qualified in different fields. To achieve optimal and cost-effective solutions, we strive to strengthen control and interaction with them.


To justify the high expectations of our customers and to guarantee the professionalism of our team, we as a team went through the comprehensive certification procedure of the internationally recognized and respected project management association – The International Project Management Association. 



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We are members of the Bulgarian Project Management Association. We share the association's mission and we actively work for the sustainable development of the Bulgarian construction sector by improving the quality of the realized projects and their professional management. Choosing us, you will be serviced by a team with proven expertise in international standards and will receive the additional certainty that your project is optimally managed.

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